Fiber Optic Connecting Cables and Connectors

Fiber optic connecting cables are widely used in telecommunications for the interconnection of various optical equipment. SKNT offers a wide range of connecting fiber-optic cables and passive equipment.

We have been cooperating with one of the world’s leading optical connectivity equipment manufacturer, the Swiss company DIAMOND, for more than 20 years. With DIAMOND equipment we produce high quality reference fiber optic connections with metal-ceramic ferments. For their production, we use active Core Alignment (ACA) active light, which provides extremely low suppression (0.1 dB), and the manufactured connectors exhibit very small reflections.

We produce various standards for connections. Single-mode or multi-mode, single (simplex) or double (duplex) cables with various nozzles available: from popular SC and LC to less popular FC, ST, MTRJ, E2000, SMA 905, MPO, MU, LC/APC, FC/APC, SC/APC, E2000/APC, DIN etc.

It is possible to select the lengths of fiber optic connecting cables. It is very convenient when installing fiber optic networks. We are ready to select and complete virtually any configuration connecting cable for your network.

Passive network equipment

We offer a wide range of ODFs – fiber optic cables connection or distribution panels. 19″ ODF panels are designed for the completion of fibre-optic cables in switchboxes. Depending on the number of connections and the type of connectors ODFs can be 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U size. They can be partly retractable with rails on the sides.

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